Monday, April 6, 2009


A little fast forward fantasizing to summer. This is a Genevieve Naylor photograph of model-actress Capucine with an apricot-colored kitten in 1958 Paris. Capucine means 'nasturium' in French & so nothing to do with coffee; but I'd be lying if I said caffeine didn't pop into my mind as I watched The Pink Panther (the real one) this weekend. She plays Simone Clouseau for the uninitiated. I'd already been looking at images of espresso with floating foam flowers. And wishing I could go somewhere, anywhere (almost) this summer. (photograph via myvintagevogue on flickr)


Beatriz Kim said...

Beautiful pic! I want to go somewhere too. An escape from the realism that grates at my soul!

giulia said...

Amen. And here I am in June replying...& it's rainy & cool in DC. But that's ok. It'll be horrible by the week's end.