Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Moreau

I love her, Jeanne Moreau. Yes, yes, her acting (& directing), that should go without saying. It's the making of under-eye circles acceptably sexy for which she should win some prize, as well. (She also has a wonderful philosophy of life & honor; more about that in future.) Tina of English Muse reminded us last week of Google's Life archives (usable for non-commercial purposes) when she posted a fabulous Brigitte Bardot photograph. I've used some LIFE archival photos (acquired by Google) on the GG blog & promptly forgot all about it in the midst of life (the lower-cased version). So many thanks to la Tina.

JM & BB starred in Louis Malle's 1965 film Viva Maria! & these are from the film shoot. (Some history of film ratings, here. The State of Texas got all 'het' up about it, went to court. Sigh.) I love the big smiles on the actresses in the b&w pix. Also wondering if I can somehow get away with carrying an eyelet/lace/voile parasol in the close-to-unbearable searing sunlight of a Washington, DC summer. As it is, I cannot be outside without a large-brimmed hat until sundown from early May through late October. xoxo

[photos by Ralph Crane/LIFE]


Penney said...

True beauty here. What lovelies!! Love that umbrella-parasol......
Great post and great, lovely blog..Thank you!
xo, Penney

giulia said...

Thank you, Penney. I so admire Moreau for her many accomplishments & her gracefulness in life (& I'm only slightly joking about the under-eye circles:)

Anna said...

The under-eye circles hits a recent sore-spot for me, so I thank you for this post. Her eyes are captivating, so much so that I wouldn't have seen any other features, age-induced or otherwise. Whew-we can age and be beautiful! This is so well timed against the Vanity Fair beautiful woman list.

corine said...

And her voice is like well aged bourgogne: I loved her when she was young and I love her now. She has such class and beauty. Do you know this clip? it's le tourbillon de la vie from Jules et Jim. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqwLx0DG7qQ

giulia said...

I can't play the clip...dial-up:( but I've seen J&J many times (though not in the last few years). Will look at someone's computer.

As for the under-eye business. This doesn't mean that I don't give it a go with concealer; I've had good teachers & was gifted with excellent Shiseido product & a brush (coincidentally by a French friend who is also a makeup artist). But we both agree that balance is key. I cannot always spend the amount of time necessary to Vermeer-ize myself (apologies to that painter's admirers, myself among them, but that's how I think of it...).

Now, back to taxes. You think I made enough to make it difficult? Oh, no. Own a house or a car? No. Anyway, will post something pretty & leave it at that for today. GG blog calls, mtg re: Darfur, etc. That puts under-eye circles in context. And if anyone looks at this & hasn't visited Corine who is Hidden in France (above), do go. She posted great photos of French & Italian actresses in French Elle...definitely not sporting concealer. A wonderful post. xo Susan