Friday, September 24, 2010

Week's End - Can You Hear Me Now?

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes & comments this last week (& always). I've been trying to get through to a friend in Sudan*. (Here's something free to do to help out.) She sent out an email earlier today saying that she wouldn't mind hearing some familiar voices. Everyone on the list must be calling at the same time. So while I'm stopping that for now, I just realized that I've missed coffee infusions, Julie's food supply is sketchy, etc. It's over 90 degrees here & I do not want to go out. Alas, it isn't up to me.

While surfing around, I read a review of Stephen Fry's new volume of memoirs, The Fry Chronicles in The Observer. And while shopping is out of the question, totally, there are some cool products to look at like these retro phones for Skype-ing.

And it is F. Scott Fitzgerald's birthday--happy birthday, dear Scott. Visit DC-area writer & novelist Leslie Pietrzyk at Work-in-Progress to enter a contest for her to buy YOU a literary magazine (there are limits, but as usual Leslie is very generous) in honor of one of our literary idols. You have until Monday, 27 September, 5pm EDT. (I haven't entered because Leslie feels bad if someone she knows doesn't win. Big-hearted Leslie.) Cheers, until later.

(*OK, the latest barking mad thing is going on over there & the Twitter-verse must be consulted.)


Giulia said...

That's it...too much writing/editing to post again today. Ciao! Susan

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Forget F Scott... according to my aussie calendar.. it is now the 25th.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Susan...

I hope you have a blast and hope this year brings you much joy and happiness... xxx Julie

The Clever Pup said...

I missed the part where it says it's your birthday so...

Bonne fête a toi
Bonne fête a toi
Bonne fête géranium giulia
Bonne fête a toi

Giulia said...

That's because it's not my birthday yet. But thank you Misses Julie & Hazel.

(I'm impressed by the inclusion of GG, H. Merci)