Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week's End - Strangers in the Night

Well, this works on a few levels. (See previous post, sleep clinics) Have a terrific weekend. There are oodles, yes oodles, of great links on this page, Julie's blog, & just keep on clicking to those blogs. Over & out, cheeky ones. (photographs from Truman Capote's Black & White Ball, 1966/via LATimes & Cup of Jo, second is by Harry Benson)

Saturday update - Liberty London Girl is having a London Fashion Week giveaway that is just wonderful. It doesn't say for UK readers only, so I left a comment. It might be though. There are several lovely Brits who visit here & I thought you would be interested. Cheers. xo

Update - the computer is acting up again . One program says, "A-OK, ma'am." The other is flashing weird red signs & I expect a siren to start up any moment. &^*I*^T^! Anyhoo, if you leave a comment & it doesn't show up, I am not ignoring them. Must take laptop to be spot-cleaned, washed, fluffed & folded on the weekend. Someone invent a Virus-Designer-Dudes-Be-Gone spray. Or something.


lettuce said...

yeah, cracks add character

very cool photos.
i hope your I.T. problems are sorted soon

simon said...

I loath how computers seem to suddenly get slower, no matter what is done to keep them tip top.. must be in built,me thinks...

Katharine said...

I hope it wasn't to awful. Egad.

Thanks for the LLG giveaway heads up.

Cheers. xx

Susan said...

It was TOTALLY weird (sleep clinic). I have much to say but not now. And yes, about the damn computer--just before one year & blam.