Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spooky Sunday - Falling Darkness

It's Halloween in Oxford, and mischief is in the air — and, as it happens, murder. A woman is found dead, a stake through her heart, a bulb of garlic in her mouth. It's a surreal crime...Inspector Lewis final episode of season. Falling Darkness. (via PBS Mystery website) Jane Austen World's review. Love these. Boo!

(photographs via Jane Austen World & OldUKPhotos (dot) com)


Katharine said...

I love this series! (You are a year behind, but don't fret. Just don't look:)

Giulia said...

Oh, rub it in, Kate!

I wish we could get the UK, Canadian, American...ok, all the Anglophone countries..together & coordinate series like this. You're a Mad Man fan, yes? I think so. Anyway, finally MM is only 3 or 4 weeks "behind" in the UK.

Still, the companies should coordinate those big shows & have them premiere together. The world is so small now with the Internet-tubies. All of us who communicate with others, esp. in Britain, have to be careful not to reveal all. It's just dumb. Who do we talk to about this? Along with the entire world going to hell, of course.