Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paris Breakfasts in Washington, DC

Same photograph as GG blog...I'm only, oh, a week late. Still, if you're in DC (or will be), you might want to attend the opening reception tomorrow at 6.30pm for Carol Gillot of Paris Breakfasts. (Let me know if you'll be there...I'm still planning on it. You can email or tweet to juliethecat.) Below is from l'Alliance Française website because they already wrote it & I'm having a mini meltdown. (Paris sunset via places I wish I were tumblr. Good name.)

New York City–based watercolor artist Carol Gillott travels to Paris three or four times a year to soak up inspiration and shoot thousands of photos to paint from.

Her Alliance Française exhibit, Paris Façades, features her charming paintings of Parisien boulangeries and patisseries.

For the artist, the heart and soul of Paris is revealed at street level by its shop façades where “There's just as much glamour and mystery in the quotidien boulangerie or fruitier as the grand Michelin restaurant"

It is this bright contrast that makes Paris the perfect subject for Carol Gillot and her delightful watercolors of everyday Parisian scenes, from les boulangeries to les lèche-vitrines.

Visit &

Opening reception is free, but reservations are required. Call 202-234-7911 x31 for reservations.

Reservations will be accepted until 4pm the day of the event. The exhibit runs through 1 November 2010


simon said...

I like carols art. I have one I bought from a gallery in the US and another I bought directly from her, (which I sent to Merisi Vienna for Beginners).

So there you go! :o)

The Clever Pup said...

Tres cool. J'espère que je pourrais aller aussi.

If you go tell her the Pup says hi.


word verification today: muzzles

Giulia said...

Simon--How sweet of you. Merisi totally deserved a gift, I am sure of it. She's lovely. But I am glad that you have one for yourself. I had financial delusions that I would be able to commission Julie's portrait this last year. No. Someday.

La Pup (who is Hazel, everyone, & she likes cats very much)--I hope I can go too. And if so, I shall most certainly relay your regards.

Just after I posted this, I knew that the possibility of going was narrowing. I really don't know if I can but at 11.21am, I still have time to try. (It's really not far at all...if only walkable, then it would be more possible. But of course, I will go see the exhibit. I just wanted to meet Carol, too.)

Muzzles...wonderful. Do you think I should play off that & muzzle myself:)? Mebbe. xo