Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paris Awaits Pup

The Clever Pup will be visiting Paris soon. I await her distinct take on la belle Paris sans saccharine sentiment. (She will be solo.) Sibiliance. Susurrant. Silly Sunday. Pfhttt. Thwap. I can barely type. La Pup has already mapped out a few excellent walks.

In other breaking canine news, Benjy the Oracle on AUREA, has been visiting & granting everyone the benefit of his Dachsund Wisdom. He's another pup in Paris at the moment. (His maman is in Los Angeles. Don't ask, just go see.) Herewith, his latest postcard. Also, another amusing & fashionable pup is
London's Posetta Baddog, Liberty London Girl's sister's dog. OK, it's funnier than that, see Chien Lunatique.

Yep, I'm goofing off. Oh, & on Giulia Geranium I'm hawking, uh, suggesting a fashion night thingy for charity...but mainly I wanted to re-use a beautiful photograph of an equally beautiful blue YSL coat.

So what are these photographs? Well, they are Paris gowns that are pretty but also funny, sorta fishy looking. (ah
ouais). I think I'm so snippy ce soir because I can't watch Mad Men until it downloads in iTunes - tomorrow. Which means I must also avoid a related weakness, Basket of Kisses, the Supreme Mad Men Blog (says moi). It's written/wrangled by two smart, sassy sisters.

[fishy frocks by Louise Dahl-Wolfe via LIFE archives but also on myvintagevogue]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Darn.. I forgot to watch Mad Men last night.. Finally figured out when it is on and which channel over here.. still haven't seen it!

Love all the dresses.. xxx Julie

simon said...

yes I read about the oracle! reminded me of my dog which went NUTS at everything yesterday whilst I was trying to petend I was a good house painter/// IN fact I offered to send him one way to Paris.... runcible fellow he is!

The Clever Pup said...

It's crazy that I have become "the Pup". A reference to Rupert's friend Bingo in an attempt to lure my son into reading my earlier stuff and I'm now le Pup. I wouldn't mind but I'm really a cat-girl like you.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

So glad you liked the post. Lucky La Pup...sorry Hazel. Wish I was going. Now, about that Mad Men show. Finally watched half of one. It was pointed out to me that the style of Rolex watch DD was wearing in the opening scene was not yet being made. C'est possible? Sorry. I tried, really. I do love the clothes, though...and these dresses, too.

Giulia said...

I'll reply to everyone & visit blogs soon. But Catherine...half a show? Uh, one really needs to start at the beginning or it's a lost cause. There can always be mistakes but the production design is so good. A few things here & there aren't that important to me. Maybe on a larger screen they would be (I'm serious).

I just finished watching 47+ minutes of top notch writing, acting & design.


Angie Muresan said...

That second fishy dress is quite something, isn't it?

My kids wish they had a puppy. Maybe someday.