Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the edge of Vesuvius

Original Polaroid Land Camera snaps from the mid-1970s on an Italian Sunday afternoon. The story is long & short. Presently, it feels necessary to say only that I loathed the person on the left (my right), & liked the one on the right -- very much. My second trip to Italy (from France) but my first to the south & "real" Italy (ten days in Venice a few months before was a world away). The photographer & person I liked lived in the area. The photographs looked this spooky as soon as we saw's not their age now. No tourists were there that day, just a bored guard--delighted to talk to someone. I was excited to be so close to a volcano, I remember. I saw several in Iceland but they didn't have tragic stories, ancient & modern, attached to them. The Neapolitan area inspires both longing & loathing. What a complicated place...

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victoria thorne said...

Found you through English Muse....what lovely words and pictures!

These Polaroids are utterly haunting. Amazing. Gorgeous.

Thrilling to come upon your blog, look forward to more!


The Clever Pup said...

You are such a traveler. Now I'm trying to do the math as to your age? Hmmm. Have you just passed a milestone birthday?

giulia said...

Gasp. Cheeky Pup! As you can see from the photo...I was a very tall five-year old at the time. Seriously, I'll see you over at Gmail:)

And to very kind Victoria, if you pass this way again before I re-visit your lovely blog (God knows why with the mess here), thank you so much; I tried to leave a comment but my dial-up bleeping connection kept timing out. Will be there tomorrow.

xo, Susan