Sunday, March 8, 2009

Couple in Black & White

Couple by Ernest Haas of the great Magnum Agency. It's a scan (& cropped) of the UK edition of Richard Ford's Women With Men. Great collection. Paris plays a role, if you've not read it, but not the way romantics might like. Or might. Disappointed ones. (Is there any other kind? Seriously, I'm asking.) An obnoxious novelist, an ex-, snickered derisively when he saw I had Ford on my shelves. "Women hate him. He's a men's writer." Huh? No one told me. I should have known right then. Would've saved five years. But that's another photograph.

I think the photograph is from a series but haven't had time to look.

PS: Trying to break my OCD should-have-post-ready for 7am publish-next-day, no matter what. Here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

Love this in a melancholy way. It reminds me of myself. A decade ago. In love with the wrong man, trying to pretend he would be magically transformed into Mr. Right. We used to meet at train stations throughout the Netherlands. This picture reminds me of meeting him - and leaving him - in Arnhem. My eyes rapidly skating over the faces in the group on arrival. His face tear-stained through the gritty glass of the compartment window on departure.

The past is best in black and white somehow. It allows us to feel a tad more detached while still holding on to the hope we felt at that particular moment.

svs/gg said...

I never answered this & I know this person...yes, about the past in b&w. Will be over to see you (though, alas, not in least not soon.)