Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Girl in Rome, 1951

So many people have sent a copy of this card/postcard over the last, maybe, 20 years; I've lost count. "It reminded me of you." Maybe because a copy hangs in the apartment. Except some people haven't seen it. I hope I don't look this fearful. I think I read that it was staged. It's a familiar scenario, though, I'm sorry to admit.

(via scan of postcard that arrived today. It's Ruth Orkin's famous photo. The card is by Graphique de France. I have two volumes of Orkin's work but too lazy to go pull them out to get publisher. Will do later.)

UPDATE - 23 May 2009. Well, don't I feel an idiot. Talented Tina Tarnoff of Thouht Patterns has a wonderful Ruth Orkin post, here. The photographs are from a series taken in Florence. I ought to know that since: 1) I walk past a superlarge print of the above every day--it says Italy, not Rome; 2) I have Ruth Orkin photograph books. Apparently, I substitute "Rome" for "Florence" sub- or unconsciously. Visit Tina, she's got the real deal. I leave the title here, as it is.

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Julie@beingRUBY said...

I love this photo also, and also have it on my wall at home. I only recently found the Ruth Orkin website and was so glad I did.