Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yeats & a chandelier & now the reference is not to be found. No matter. The pictures are pretty & that's all I'm up to at present. Now, to find that blue beaded one from Bleu/Blue...it's somewhere, I'm sure. The idea of it is better than actually having it, surely. But to have one somewhere in the apartment would be swell (the "chandelier" in-situ doesn't count). The pink one matches Julie's nose & paw-pads (she's particularly pinky & delightful today, so please excuse the twee. It lightens things a bit).

On another pink note: cherry blossoms are everywhere here & still no word from the photographer to whom I wrote. I guess I'll have to ask someone else. I won't be online tomorrow (Wednesday, 1 April); I'm paranoid about that hideous virus featured on 60 Minutes on Sunday.

As an English friend said recently, Cheery bye!

[Photos: The kitchen with chandelier is from Domino Deco file; the adorable pink chandelier is by Shimelle & used with her kind permission; Shimelle's photostream, here.]


The Clever Pup said...

I love the fuschia chandelier.

The art director for the film Amelie, I think her name is Aline Bonetto, or maybe the great Jean Pierre Jeuent himself, said to make something look redder throw in something blue.

I don't know if you are familar with the film but in the scissoring scene everything is red save a bright blue lamp. I get the same feeling from the chandelier.

I'm thinking about changing my profile today. I'm not a dog blog and I'm not a mum blog. What to do...what to do...?

corine said...

I want to hang from that chandelier!

CouponAlbum said...

Pretty cool designs of chandeliers!! Pink one is truly nice!!