Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blue typewriter, 2

Another vintage blue Olivetti by Peter Lindberg, of Stockholm. This is a Lettera 22 for you Olivetti-philes (who probably already knew that). ciao


Anonymous said...

i remember my first typewriter. it was way more significant than my first computer/laptop. i had a portable olympic that i loved like a child. it was my first 'adult' possession of any importance, much like my first car would be later. i still remember the sound and the smell of it. the onion paper i loved using to type my poetry and short stories. the blackened tips of my fingers from fumbling around with the ribbon.

i wonder if my mother still has it, shoved into the bottom of a carton or box somewhere in her house?

giulia said...

Oh Lord. I'm such a bad friend. This is an old, no, long-time friend. In Europe. And it is now June. We've spoken but this is important. T., if you see this, if I don't get to you before offline on Friday, I hope you found the typewriter on your trip to the States earlier this month. xo/svs