Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Multicolored balloons in a green sky

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I wish someone would leave a case of Harp & a bottle of Jameson on the front stairs. Seriously. Considering I was a founding member of the James Joyce Society in DC, one of three responsible for running the first Ulysses marathon reading in the U.S. at American University in 1984, & on & on...one would think I'd have more to say. Quote Yeats, at least, if not Joyce. Anecdotes about friends at the Abbey? My collection of Irish children's books (that are anything but sentimental, of course)? Nope. Not feeling it tonight (as this is 16 March). Perhaps later. xo. (photo credit)


corine said...

Les commentaires sont ouvert! Enfin.

The Clever Pup said...

Lovely picture for the Green Holiday.

I was tagged with the extremely diverting blog award so I tagged you in turn. Hope you don't mind. Vist my site to find out.

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