Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue typewriter

I love this & can't do anything with it right now as a big bunch of snow & high wind are making their unwelcome way to the DC-area. (A big bunch of snow would've have been most welcome in February; as it is March, I see no reason to be chipper about it now.)

The blue mosaic was made by Yvonne Stehle who graciously gave me permission to use it. (Coincidentally, she has an etsy shop, moline.) A thing with portable typewriters (I wish I still had mine) & a few paragraphs from a poet's journal have me obsessing about: Olivetti portable typewriters (mainly red, though), delphinium, a blue balloon, figs, oranges, & the Matisse chapel in the south of France. A Vespa, too, I think. All will become clear eventually. For now, if posts keep coming at 7am & seem to have absolutely nothing to do with anything else (that is, more than usual), then I'm in the midst of a power outage. ciao!