Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blue hyacinth

The hyacinth for constancy wi' its unchanging blue.
- Robert Burns, O Luve Will Venture In

Drunk on the gorgeous scent of a full-blooming purplish-blue hyacinth. It was a major bargain-treat last weekend. I feel like Ferdinand the Bull. And, of course, it's in the blue color family; the fixation continueth. As I lack a working camera, Tracey Tilson of Images by Tracey graciously gave permission to use her lovely photograph on both blogs.

Hadn't thought to include poem links with the word 'hyacinth,' but why not? There are so many, so this is fairly random. The Cats Will Know (Cesare Pavese); A Face (Robert Browning); Hyacinth (Louise Gluck)

I will post more later or tomorrow but the scented cloud around my head had to be might be why I've been so distracted.Yes, I can blame even a flower. It's a change from blaming Julie the Cat...she is asleep right underneath the Leaning Pisa bloom. Little Ferdinanda.