Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flowers on the Windowsill

Wouldn't you know that all the photographs I have for essay-drafts, poems, Venice & Strasbourg posts are b&w? Of course. Things are fairly dark/grim here lately. So...some flowers on windowsills by Christine Gill via Design*Sponge in November 2008. I ran two photos on Giulia Geranium back then. My family & friends laughed at me for doing exactly this. I'm off to read, write, figure out administrative matters (urgh), & swipe some rose hips that are about to be cruelly cut down before fulfilling their destiny. Christine sells 21 flower prints at Imagekind. (She also has a December 2008 photo set of her then-new cat's introduction to the household. He's a dignified gentleman in a tuxedo.)

Are we about to go nuclear? Right now WAMU-FM/NPR has gone off the air & the Naval Observatory Master Clock/Universal Time is repeating the universal time over & over in a computer-generated voice. [Five minutes later- Now a rattled sounded announcer has come on to say, oops, we do not know what the heck that was about. We'll look into it. You do that. It was way weird & disturbed my cat. Now, Kevin Spacey is making a joke about it. At the tone, the time will be...that made me laugh, so thank you, Kevin.]


ParisBreakfasts said...

those are GORGEOUS!!!

simon said...

why are things dark and grim?

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the exquisite photos! Things are pretty grey round here and I know after Venice I can't complain but it feels like I haven't taken any good photos since my return because it's either raining or dull. A pity because the leaves are still on the ground and could look so lovely. The nuclear thing sounds weird.

Katharine said...

Oh, I love these. I remember from Giulia G. blog and I did the same thing. Though these photos are better than I can do.

I heard that on Diane's program today. Very weird indeed but Kevin Spacey was funny. Good interview. Let's go to London and see something at the Old Vic again.

PS To Simon. I think S. meant grey/grim about the subject matter on the blog.

simon said...

oh! stupid me! thanks Katharine ( I am a bit slow this morning)

Giulia said...

Carol - grazie

Vanessa -- I really hope you do go out & take some leaf photos...maybe the ones on the ground, if you see any in cool patterns? I need to hop back over to Coffee & Pie & see if you take indoor pix. You could do something similar...but your take. I'd love to see those. You'll be going to London soon, I think. So here's my wish (do I have nerve or what?): there are never really really good pix available of the beautiful London holiday fairy lights. It's all commercial but not pretty. Also hard to come by (I know it will seem dumb) are really lovely pix of ice skaters - at Somerset House & elsewhere around the city. OK, that's my holiday gift list. :)

Katharine--yep. on all counts.

Simon--You are not stupid!

simon said...

thanks Susan :o) London! nice place. I looked up some airfares for a trip next year- then up to shetland all via Paris..

Vanessa! I noted that you have a photo of my favorite brasserie in Paris La Rotonde! :o) I just love it in ever respect...

Vanessa said...

@Susan - OK, that's noted for London. I'll get two shots at it as I'm going there both this month and next. Ice skating at Somerset House is so fantastic so thanks for giving me the idea for photos. I'll do my best!

@Simon - Ah, La Rotonde, what a great place.

Giulia said...

Simon--Ah, travel in the future. Excellent. Take camera!

Vanessa--I visited your flickr acct (as you know by now) & loved the new autumn pix in Berlin. Happy to hear your game about the London wish list I have...didn't mean to be so bossy (everyone is thinking: yes you did:)

La Rotonde...mimph. Haven't been to Paris in sooooooooooooo long. Must make fortune. On list for today.

Cheers all.