Monday, March 15, 2010


Life was easier when my mother was in charge of my hair (don't tell her, I won't admit it). She was an unabashed admirer of this look. Some mouths dropped as I walked into school after a salon visit. That Halloween, I sported Twiggy fake eyelashes, tights, & a Twiggy long shirt (or short dress); I think it was from England. I wish my mother would look at the computer; she'd love this Twiggy site. It was a lot of fun & it did suit me, that style. I returned to it in the 80s when all that hair was being permed...ugh. Not for me. There was a French Elle (there was no other Elle at the time) with a great short cut on the cover--that was it. People nearly passed out when they saw me on a Monday.

I became increasingly self-conscious as the day wore on. People kept walking into my academic department & gasped. Really gasping. I was growing annoyed & touchy with these doltish Americans (yes, I am one). Even "free spirits" said, "Oh but your beautiful hair...." Finally, a professor known for his contentiousness & barbed remarks walked in. I thought, I will scream [expletive deleted] if he says one damn thing. He considered me for just a moment & tilted his head, & said, "Wow. Jean Seberg. Breathless. Wow. Good for you." Turned on his heel & left. No one said another word.

[images via Just Covers/tumblr & the black & white via here.]


Angie Muresan said...

I tend to do crazy things to my hair if I am pregnant. With my first child I chopped off my waist length hair to a cropped haircut without consulting anyone beforehand. To say my husband was shocked is putting it mildly.

Giulia said...

I'll bet you looked fabulous. You have "great bones."

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Wow, thanks for the memories! I, like you, rushed right out to a barber shop none the less for my Twiggy cut. I was the first one in school with the Twiggy cut. Who knows what people were saying I didn't care I adored my new cut and felt so stylish here in the country. I also made a dress in the Mod style with bell sleeves in a green and blue print to wear to the school dance. Short short short. I was such a fashion plate at 13 years old!
What fun.

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

ArtSparker said...

My mother dictated this for me also...and I have worn my hair long since leaving my parents' home.

Giulia said...

Mme ArtSparker--

I just emailed you. But yes, I know what you mean. A coming clean post about my (subconscious) reaction to this is on its way. Just two words, both proper nouns, as a hint: Olivia Hussey.


(Others, go to ArtSparker's blog & to'll see why.)