Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gregory in Black & White

Distressed that racial epithets were hurled at civil rights hero John Lewis & others over the weekend. It stings, it really does. Also homophobic (to be polite about it) screams at Congressman Barney Frank. It's at times like these I clutch my copy of To Kill A Mockingbird & re-order the film from the Netflix Fairy. I saw a dreadful production at Ford's Theatre years was worth seeing for the sake of the young sons of my then-boyfriend (hate that word). These children were (are) biracial as are some of my family members. Their racist grandmother took us to the play; that was one weird day.

Gregory Peck was a card-carrying, proud liberal, too; that makes the film that much sweeter. And did you know he became a friend of Bob Dylan? Yep. Because of Brownsville Girl. When Dylan received the Kennedy Center Honor, he asked Peck (along with Springsteen) to be part of the festivities. Here's the Peck-narrated video.

It's gonna be a long haul.

[photographs via; alt film guide]


La Petite Gallery said...

To Kill a mocking bird tugs at my heart strings, My mom and Dad were from NYC and I was born in Texas around 1945 my Mom and I were on a bus a young black woman got on was in her 8th month of pregnancy.
My Mom said," none of these men will give her a seat". Get up and give her your's. I did and the bus driver made us all 3 get off the bus. The hot sun and an hour's
wait before the next bus. So
over the years I think back. That is over and done. Let's look at the bright side and our new President. yvonne in Maine

Susan said...

I'm glad your parents were different. I try to look at the bright side, but I see this nearly every day...sadly. As in over the weekend. As in the remarks made in whispers when my mother has some of her grandchildren with her. She hears it, so do I when I'm with them. Of course, great strides have been made...but we can't pretend it's over & done. It's not. But thanks for the good wishes, I know what you mean. I'm just feeling very on-edge about it. Have a good night & a restful one, too. Tell those dogs of yours to pipe down or I'll send Julie the Cat up there to crack the proverbial whip:)


abigail said...

I just stumbled on your blog, so I hope you don't think I'm butting in...

It's scary and awful, but I take comfort knowing that not 50 years after the Civil Rights acts passed John Lewis is on the inside, he is a member of Congress, and the bigots are on the outside ranting on the streets. Seen from that view, it almost seems a miracle.

But still, I dread reading the paper this morning, worried that something bad will happen.

I love To Kill a Mockingbird. Hey Boo.

Kathie said...

Things are, alas, getting uglier. See, "Lawmakers concerned as health-care overhaul foes resort to violence":

Additionally, it's being reported that Sarah Palin's Facebook page declares WRT to repealing the healthcare bill that it's time to "Reload" -- and shows rifle scope targets on the Congressional districts of Democratic Representatives who voted for the healthcare bill despite McCain having carried their districts in 2008, whom she's targeting for defeat in 2010.

Nope, that's not inciting violence, is it, just good ol' American "symbolism." Gimme a break! Calculatin' Palin knows exactly what she's doing -- throwing red meat to the dogs in her base.

pat said...

Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring post. I am absolutely sick to my stomach as what happened on the steps of our nations Capital on Sunday. How stupid was I to think that what we saw during the Civil Rights Marches of the 60's was past us. It is down right scary at the hate mongering that is happening today in this country. To Kill A Mockingbird is and always will be one of my favorite novels......... so can be learned from Atticus, it is called tolerance and equality.
Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in my feelings.

Giulia said...

Thank you everyone. (Abigail, of course you're not butting in:)

I have to be offline until tonight but will get back to everyone.



The Clever Pup said...

I love this movie. My mother read the book when she was in hospital having me.

But Bob Dylan AND Gregory Peck, two of our favourite things. Funny I saw this exact photo on my gorgeous FB friend Matt Evans site today today.

Scary what's happening below the border. Sarah's like a big fat caricature of herself. She's a laughingstock but a dangerous one, nonetheless.

d i a n a m u s e said...

I grew up believing that Gregory Peck WAS Atticus Finch. I still do.

Giulia said...

I still believe it, too.