Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She Moved Through the Fair

The Celtic Cat & I raise a toast (a day early) to friends near & far. Here's a favorite song; also The Chieftains' rehearsal of The Foggy Dew video for Long Black Veil (also with O'Connor).


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Beautiful Susan
Happy St Patrick's Day to you.. in fact it is over here and probably starting there.. xx Julie

Leslie said...

Dear Susan and the Celtic Cat,
Beautiful St. Patrick's Day tribute which really answered to my mood. I've been obsessed with swans recently and the lovely song you post on your blog is somewhat cheerier than the murderous tale I usually listen to: The Wild Swans. Unfortunately, swans are thin on the ground here in Colorado. I will have to travel to get my swan-fix virtually.

Susan said...

Thank you Julie & Leslie.

Leslie: When I see/hear "Wild Swans" I think of the book...I wonder if that's what you mean. (I could be so out of it that there's a band called WS - which would be cool) & I don't know it.) I tried to email you but...it didn't go through.