Monday, March 29, 2010

Satellite Dishes

Phftt. Bombs in Moscow. "Tea parties." Listening to a favorite WAMU-FM (NPR) show & two Maryland /DC TP-ers. OK, bravo, for having them on to expose their lunacy. I can just predict it: I'll bite through my mouthguard tonight (again).

I have nothing (that I can write here). Please consider going to Giulia Geranium (Julie the Cat's blog) & clicking some do-gooder links over there.

These pix cracked me up a few weeks ago--LIFE Archives. It's not the era I'm researching, so I don't remember why these popped up. Probably because I love Nina Leen photographs. Did anyone's mother (or did you, do you?) wear these? My mother was more a pencil skirt person. She was a dish, though. (As we were always told. Endlessly. I'm not bitter.)


Angie Muresan said...

Those dresses are certainly strange, aren't they? Though they might be fun conversation pieces.

abigail said...

It's remarkable what women used to wear. Especially when you think about the kind of undies they had to wear to get in those dresses!

Giulia said...

Angie--Yes, I bet the narcissistic one was a display thingy. It would be amusing to attempt 'bricolage' (as in repurposing)some of these. But what? Curtains...curvy-curtains? Or...?

Abigail--I know! Helping my gran into her, um, 'girdle.' just popped into mind. (Thanks for that:) She was reed thin, still wore it. Eep. Just the thought is bringing on a case of the vapors.


Kristin said...

My mama was a 70s gal. I love looking back at old pics of her then. She wore a killer one shoulder dress to her prom. I was crushed that she didn't keep it!