Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three Little Birds

I really do not spend all day & night on YouTube. I've finally rid myself of 300+ cassette tapes (!) with no clear time in sight to replace the music, so...mimph. I can accept only Bob Marley telling me "Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be all right, " since he knew how bad things can be. Anyone else? Like Oprah (sorry, Opster) & I can fly into a hissy. Usually on behalf of put-upon & suffering populations...anywhere.
I think I'll have to download this song today. Health care vote tonight. Eep. [Update, early Monday, Hoorah. Now don't want to jinx Tuesday Senate vote, so back to bed. Still. Hoorah.]

Lovely birds; top two from Marrakesh by a fave only alice; the third with cool green sky is via Happy Up Here ( via we heart it. I can't find it on the blog. So sorry, Swedish ladies who compile HUH. I tried. (I actually have some photographs of three white, Italian birds walking in front of me - a good omen in Roman times. But I posted it some time ago.)

(Note: The HD video here is superior in quality than the myriad of others available. Annoyingly, it has this dumb "flirt here" thingy that pops up. For this I am sincerely sorry. Ignore it or click it off. I have disabled the cookie.)


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Waiting and watching the voting for the bill on the internet today. Nerve racking. It may come down to some undecided Illinois undecided dudes.

My oldest grand child has Bob's middle name as hers. Nesta.

Giulia said...

Monday: I'm exhausted but relieved about last night. Thanks for your emails last night, too, Joan.

So cool about the middle name...