Friday, April 2, 2010

Week's End - Easter Coiffure

I'll be back over the weekend, if you're not lucky. Meanwhile, enjoy the 1930s photograph by Sam Hood. (Check out those jodhpurs & whole off-hand outfit. This reminds me of Mapplethorpe's iconic photographs of Patti Smith.) Our Aussie friends at the NSW State Library archives are surprised by the amount of outside interest in the collection. I'm not surprised. Here's the photograph link; follow it to the ever-expanding flickr archive.

The home front: a Julie-chase with newly-purchased (crummy) cheapo video-cam-camera thingy to capture scenes of what might be asthma attacks. For the vet. I thought she'd be a ham, but she's Garbo. Picked up 27 seconds in the middle of the night. Poor girl. It's very upsetting.
At least I have Hazel Smith's lovely Marie notebook to ink in observations. (Don't forget her shop, The Plum Plum.)

Other people's Easter plans (or what you did for Passover--any wild seders?) are most welcome. I need entertainment & you can make me quite envious with your tales of well- or ill-behaved friends & family, etc. I've hard-cooked the eggs; the dye will be cast as I watch NCAA Final Four (yes, I do watch). Beautiful weather in DC, but the other whether is will a sister show up, as I hope.

I had blog & other site recommendations but that will have to be on weekend/early next week. I don't want to leave anyone out. But check the comments because there have been some good ones, especially under Gregory in Black & White. Follow those bloggers. ciao!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Susan
Another fabulous photo... and ties in quite well with poor Giulia's asthma.... poor petal...

hope your Easter is fantastic.... off to check out the comments on dear Gregory.. xx Julie

Giulia said...

You're right-I'd not thought of that. Giulia is a little petal--she had a bad night of it. It cannot be comforting to have the lights flip on in the middle of the night & have a video-cam stuck in your face during one of these attacks. :(

lettuce said...

wow, thats a weird wabbit!

i hope giulia is feeling better

Giulia said...

I know. It's that I call a fluffy-wuffle:)

Giulia is not feeling better but we have a vet appt. for Thurs. aft. But thanks for thinking of her. Worried.


Angie Muresan said...

So sorry to hear Giulia is feeling poorly. Thinking of you both, and wishing whatever it is passes quickly.