Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week's End - Time to Go Home

Listen, things are just so awful in the news (everywhere) that my silly self--even with gallows humor--can't quite get it together tonight. (And I'm still trying to hypnotize Julie into downing pills.) So here's a stunning textured shot of via Roma (in Cambiago, Lombardy) by Olga.*

The reminds me of an hour, probably golden, when it's getting on time to go home. Before you make
la passeggiata in the evening. Or it's really, really sad. Or both. Song in mind, same title by the great Chris Smither. If that elicits a big 'huh'? Oh lord, click the link.

Sunday update: Worlds Collide Dept. Sudanese elections beginning Monday--though boycott growing. Those of you who check in at Giulia Geranium looking for updates - it's on spring break. Please check the usual suspect sites, Julie's Twitter account (juliethecat or under my name), & follow the string. Reuters Africa is a good place to start.

buona notte

[*The Benevolent Postcard Society blog had an Olga shot posted by Lori, our fearless leader. Hey, I try to include everyone. Some of the work is Creative Commons; this one is not. Via flickr mail, Olga & I had a bit of a chat & she gave me permission to use it. Mille grazie, Olga.]


lettuce said...

lovely, words and picture both.

yes, the news is hard to watch and hear

Giulia said...

Especially when it's part of your sneaks up on you sometimes, the weight...

Angie Muresan said...

I wish I was on spring break... Ah well. Those good ol' days are gone forever.

P.S. Aren't things always awful in the news?

Twila said...

Love the photo of the horse on the carosel!! Yea I cant watch the stresses me out.


Giulia said...

Thanks, Twila. I'll make sure to visit your sites later this week.

For me: I have to watch the news. It is my life, if you will. Need to get a new one, I guess.