Tuesday, April 6, 2010

White Room

Too darn hot. It was 90 degrees today; hotter tomorrow. I'm offended. With everything else happening in the world, I'll be quiet about personal discomfort & go toss myself onto white sheets. I was going to do a Beirut/Middle East, let's party post. Nah. The news from West Virginia is just too awful. I covered the coal industry when starting out. Also, I'm originally from western PA. Never make excuses for coal mining companies around me. I'm fuming. Which I just remembered I'm not supposed to do (fume) for health reasons. Om.

[image by likes tumblr/via we heart it]


Angie Muresan said...

I heard about the tragic news. I am so sorry for all the individuals affected.
I cannot believe it is so hot there! Your white bed looks the perfect one to fall into. Take care of yourself.

Giulia said...

Late to respond but I'm still fuming over the coal mine disaster. Particularly with the evil - yes evil - Massey Mining. Infuriating. I do need to drop into bed...all this self-righteousness is exhausting, man.