Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Corner Window

It reminds me of a flat I borrowed along the way. The books (none in English) were like that, the corner window, too. I read Bellow in French, Camus in Italian & I thought I was a genius. (Wine was involved). [photograph from pearls and tea (live journal which is not live!, via we heart it]


The Clever Pup said...

Great wallpaper and the light is so important. I should not let Sr. Pup see this or we will soon have books up to the ceiling. I think this is not an earthquake zone.

Anyway noticing that today GG should stand for Gibson Girl.

Giulia said...

Yes, & I just realized that GG was supposed to publish today. Going to change it for compulsivenesssss sake.

Hey, I'd love it if Sr. Pup would build shelves like that for me. Lucky H-Pup!

Angie Muresan said...

This is just like my parents bedroom. Painting and shelves of books everywhere. It's the coziest place in the world.

Giulia said...

Angie--will they adopt me?

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

What a lovely picture... I totally want to stretch out cat style on that bed and curl up with some chewing gum for the mind.

Diane said...

If I could read Bellow in French and Camus in Italian I would be inclined to think I was a genius, too... especially if wine was involved
thanks for your kind words and hopes for my travel plans.

I enjoy your blog(s)!

Giulia said...

Lisa Lisa Lisa...chewing gum for the mind...there's a poem in there somewhere. (I shall credit you, no worries:)

Diane-- I was thinking of you today when I was out & about. Hoping that flights & rumors of flights spell good news for you. Shall check tomorrow.

(thanks for your kind words about the blogs...I'll make sure the cat hears someone likes GG!)