Monday, April 19, 2010

Face the World

No, not now. (I have 5 days of unread WPosts & NYTimes...that is unheard of.) I'm down for the count; along with Julie. (Yes, again, I"m sorrier & more disappointed than I can say without a whine-fest.) Back to bed with books, newspapers, & of course My Cinnamon Bun. Because later, being one person, marketing must be done. If it comes to it, then delivery order. And if possible, holding a pad & pen in hand...or reporter's micro-recorder. That would be a small but essential victory.

Have a whatever kind of day you wish for, mes amies. Go for it. Then come tell me all about it. (Don't forget about The Plum Plum, it's so worth it. That's what I'm using for short bits/planning lately. It helps. Beauty always does--the real kind, not the artificial/fake.)

Tuesday a.m. update: I hope to be back here tonight or tomorrow morning. Trying to update Giulia G. blog as there's an important event this weekend in DC/Silver Spring. Shall try to drag self to meeting up the street this evening. Here's the link to The Human Rights Festival (up the street...this weekend. Why, it seemed only yesterday that this was a twinkle in a local Amnesty member's eye...). Please pass the word if you are in or near or know people in the area. There's also a Facebook Fan page, here. Thanks, so much!

[photograph by motley photos via we heart it]


The Clever Pup said...


Angie Muresan said...

Oh dear... Still not feeling well? Take care of yourself and of Giulia.

Dancing Branflake said...

Feel better. BTW, I just love that photo. Very expressive in a different way.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Susan
I hope you and Giulia can feel better soon.. I'm off to the specialist today to investigate food allergies.. arrgggh. I hate this part... they take the fun food away.. hahaha... I do hope you feel better soon!!! xxx Julie

Susan said...

Dear Hazel, Angie, & adorable Branflake...thanks. I'm dragging, & I'm sick of complaining, too. Will try to keep it under control.

Julie--in a way I hope you find out it's a food thing (not a great thing, like chocolate...) but something. I know you know what I mean. Just something that makes sense. Ciao