Friday, April 16, 2010

Week's End - Café Stories

People have suffered enough this week with my unedited goofball antics. But I have a little café story. As I was gathering my things to leave, I fell/draped over a small table (see above) when I espied a man on whom I had a severe, disabling crush walk in. It was my secret (until then). The two friends who'd shared my wine (one white wine glass!) shared my mortification--hey, the whole outdoor audience, shared in it. Oh, it got better. I abruptly raised up from the waist (think cobra position), turned around (to run away, of course, wouldn't YOU?), & fell right into/over the chair in which I'd been sitting for 2 hours. Skinned my knees, broke a sandal strap, my sunglasses. The psychic damage would have been awful...but he asked me out after he pulled me up off the sidewalk.

Here's to a lovely weekend, whatever you have planned. (Watch your step.) A big thank you to Kristin Espinasse of French-Word-A-Day fame (well-earned) for the use of her photograph. If you've not been to visit Kristin, you must. I insist. I'll fall right onto your desk if you don't.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

good work Susan
'How to get a date' just take a dive.. do some physical damage to ensure the appropriate amount of sympathy and if that doesn't work.. do it again!!! love it.. sounds like something I would do.. although i doubt I'd end up with the date...

Love this photo... terrific!!! Have a great weekend... Have more Venezia coming up.. so pop by soon.. xxx Julie

Sylvie said...

I love Kristin's blog. Also I bought her book...she's so nice. And I recognized this photo, too.

How did the story turn out? Are we allowed to ask?

You are funny.

Kristin said...

Bonjour Susan et amies (Sylvie, thanks for your kind comment!).

What an endearing Café story. Why is it that when the heart thumps with attraction it turns off our coordination at the same time? Ce n'est pas juste!

Merci beaucoup for sharing French Word-A-Day with your readers. I appreciate it!


The Clever Pup said...

wheew boy! How'd it go?! Exciting!

Once waiting in the bus station for the man I was seeing (but shouldn't have been) to pick me up I had enough time to (an hour) to imagine our reunion over and over again. When he finally did show up I got my feet tangled in my purse straps and fell over.

Giulia said...

Thanks, Kristin... I'll be back everyone because I'm not only trying to catch up on laundries...but I'm trying to imagine someone as cool as the Pup being foot-strangled by her purse. Shrieks of laughter...even from the cat. All in good fun, Pup.

Hint: Well, I didn't marry him. He was nice enough but turns out he was better worshipped from afar. But not a stinker like most of the ones I've met, esp. in DC. Nice man, though. He may yet help to make peace in the MidEast. All I'll say on that...could be a gazillion people, right?

In your purse straps? Really? I can see it. Yea. Oh man. Do you wanna be Lucy or Ethel?


AB said...

Lucky there wasn't YouTube, then, S!

Have a good weekend. It's a little wild over here now...but you know that.


Angie Muresan said...

Oh wow! I'm as clumsy too. Once in NYC I was wearing a dress and super high heels and running to meet my friend for lunch when suddenly one leg went one way, one went the other, and there I was all over the sidewalk in front of a crowded cafe.