Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue Room, Gold Fish

Two more rooms I like...& one sleepy cat. Julie's meowing for her night-time CD to be played. I'm utterly serious. And yes, Happy Earth Day. I felt no need to post on it as there were so many. But the Clever Pup's post* reminded me of my first Earth Day. I saved a goldfish from an untimely & unnecessary death. Some mad scientist older boys were going to plop it into river water, thereby proving to junior high kids that their water supply was endangered. (Duh.) It might have been my first solo demonstration outside the family home. Can't remember. That was some philosophical/theological "discussion" - I cut it short by grabbing the fish bowl & running with it to the manse (of my church) across the street. We were given safe haven, of course. The fish lived in our aquarium several years. I wish someone had told me earlier: Senior boys - don't believe the hype.

*to be clear, Pup's reference to her brother was a nice one--it only reminded me of senior high school boys & Earth Day.

[blue room here; the second is an IKEA bed (yep) via a pretty blog called Trouvais (both via we heart it]


Angie Muresan said...

Good thing you were there to save the fish!
Giulia's looking so content.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Good for you saving the goldfish.

How's Guilia's niche coming along?

Jen said...

what a pretty kitty!... but girl, those bedrooms are pretty fabulous too. i have a thing for bedrooms :-)

joyce said...

I wanna lock myself in that blue room, all alone.

well. I'd let the cat in.