Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week's End - Tricolore Window

...a pull of the curtains* (for now). I'll be be offline for awhile; perhaps by a miracle, it will be less than three weeks. I saw this photograph in Robert of Toronto's Antibes flickr set & thought, there it is, a bricoleuse arranged that window. Please go here to see the full photograph because the detail in the Provençal fabric is marvellous.

I will leave all feeds on for everyone's blogs to come through while gone. That means, I cannot monitor whatever the Dept. of Worlds Collide & Troublemaking-in-Style [right sidebar] gets up to. I cannot bring myself to unlink. (But I will check in from elsewhere, when possible, to see what's going on, you devils). If I can come back & see comments & read your blogs tonight or tomorrow, I will surely do so.
[Friday morning update: I'm taking off the feature that shows only 10 might shock you how long since you've updated! (hint)]

More crazy thunderstorms announce their most-unwelcome-presence in Washington, DC...ciao-for-now, amici

*le drapeau tricolore: the French flag
[impromptu flag by Robert of Toronto/used by permission]


Tina Tarnoff said...

See you soon, dear S.! xoxo

Susan said...

Thanks, TTT. As soon as possible.

lettuce said...

what a fabulous photo

The Clever Pup said...

Sorry I'm so behind in my reading. I am now stuck with my mother's dialup and a dodgy mouse. Feel positively blinkered.

Back to regularly scheduled programming soon.

My dishy, underemployed, 56-year old brother is visiting soon. I'll see if he'll consent to a picture.

See ya

xo Hazel

Anonymous said...

Hope you get everything sorted.xx

The Clever Pup said...

Susan, I thought of you instantly regarding the subway crash.

I don't have your email here at mum's and I'm an ignoramus when it comes to technology.

Be back home soon.


Thank you dear Susan for your sweet comment.
and you're so welcome for an Iranian dish! :)

giulia said...

Thanks everyone. Working on getting up to speed (so to speak)...xo/svs