Sunday, June 7, 2009

Outside, looking in...the Tony Awards

Who am I kidding? This is an excuse to put in two photographs I like. Plus, I feel bereft (yes, you heard me) that I've not been to the theatre in some time (yes, here in DC & they're great...but I feel like being in NYC tonight).

These remind me of being little, or young, or inexperienced, & being allowed just enough of a peek at the grown-ups from the landing, from backstage, from the back of a room or a hall. In but not quite. I didn't realize then that I saw so very much more from there.

It's been a long, winding week & the upcoming promises more of the same (but a party & I want to go to it. Shocked, shocked), & I know many of you are in the same swirly, twirly, not-so-great, nerve-wracking present, so maybe this will cheer you up. (Someone looking in thinks, "how does she know?" Because they've told me so...)

The awards are on tonight--so watch some of it. I'm thinking of Natasha Richardson, suddenly. And a few others, gone way too soon, who I imagine will be remembered tonight in some fashion. Gulp. But....the show must go on, really, it must. And not just on

xoxo, belle

[LIFE archives: Chorus girls watching the Ed Sullivan show in 1958 by Peter Stackpole & AH as Sabrina, up in her tree, looking at the party. From the film, after which my favorite cousin--I have scads--was named via scan from copy of The Audrey Hepburn Treasures: pictures & mementos in a life of style & purpose (Atria Books). Here's the link. If you love her, you should have this book. Which is how, a few years ago, a friend put it: I thought of you, you must have it now. I didn't even wrap it. What was odd about it is that I really hadn't mentioned Hepburn to her in years. xo to Sasha who never looks here.]

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Penney said...

Good Morning sunshine!! NOT!!! None here either, but good for me to work on so many things I have on my list..
Have a super day!!!