Friday, June 5, 2009

Week's End - Eartha in Black & White

Oh, just because. I love these by the great Gordon Parks for LIFE. 1952. Some are definitely outtakes but they're still cool. And sad that Koko Taylor died yesterday & thinking about how great it is to go hear live singing. Especially les grandes dames. (Not that they were the same style of singer, just can't find Koko pix I want at moment. She must've been half-living in DC in the 80s & early 90s. Went to see her all the time, down the street. She highly disapproved of one boyfriend. I listened to her. He was gone. I love those kind of women: get rid of that no-good so & so. What's the matter with you, girl?)

[the photograph of Eartha before or after the club, dressed down, is also by Parks but via myvintagevogue/tumblr]


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Three people I greatly admire - Gordon Parks, Eartha Kitt, and Koko Taylor. Koko used to play at a club in NYC where I was a DJ. (Very early 80's, maybe 79, or 80.)Quite a gal!
Get your Mojo workin' this weekend,

giulia said...

Oh we must speak about this sometime. You & your nine lives (me, too)...oh yeah, what a character. She was right about that guy, man. My Mojo...oh lord, I'm tryin'. Will be over to look at Magnolia Dream will be a relief, I imagine, from war photographs I'm looking at now. Have a great evening if you see this. Otherwise, I'll be over to ATCH on weekend.