Friday, June 5, 2009

Marseilles Dress in Blue & White

This may be the ultimate worlds collide post on bricolage (certainly to-date). But I just saw on a friend's blog (in sidebar) that there is a darling blue & white dress giveaway on a new-to-me blog called Grosgrain. Clothes for real's too late, even if I win (I never win, c'mon), to have it for my June events-where-maybe-someone-will hire-me...but, maybe one of us will win it. (Male readers & bloggers, I know you're here: win for lady friend, sister, any female in your life. Or win & donate to a woman who needs a dress.) Update: 7 June 2010. I bought the dress on sale later that week. It's great & I recommend Shabby Apple without reservation.

The company is called Shabby Apple (I immediately thought of the big green Beatle's Apple), & the name is Marseilles. It's a spot-on name: blue & white, vertical stripes beloved of French women most everywhere. So go look, puhleeze. And, I read this very quickly, but Shabby Apple donates 5% of every dress sold to aid the women in India who make the dresses. I will investigate further.

This is not turning into a shopping blog but I really like this & I like that they help other women. So, here's the link one more time. Marseilles Dress SHABBY APPLE GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

The owner of Grosgrain, Kathleen, says swipe the pix & so I did But to indulge my vintagey look but also for pop-ups in LinkedWithin for the abstract future, I include a blue & white vintage dress in the first photo from Ladie's Home Journal, March 1960. I'm pretty sure that Shabby Apple will not be giving away extra fabric as a little carpet to stand on while you wear your Marseilles dress. But gloves will be required if you win. I mean it. I want you to put that sucker on & some white gloves, & send me the pix to publish. (first photograph via Jessica at myvintagevogue. Her tumblr blog is in sidebar, usually at the top. That girl keeps busy, wow!)

Back later for Week's End quickie & then big D-Day doings over weekend. I hope.

ciao belle.

Little update: I am unclear about the instructions in Kathleen's blog to link. I think I have to post with her title which includes many exclamation points (understandably for a giveaway). So if I post this & then a second with her title!!!! please do forgive. After there's a winner, I can delete one post. And then I may never, ever do this again.