Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ayelet's Essay - A True Story

A writer friend just sent out a link to her essay for The Huffington Post, titled A Modicum of Dr. George Tiller's Courage. I have been remiss in linking her banner & new book on the site. As I said I would do, oh, a few months ago. I hope you will read what Ayelet has to say. She makes it quite clear that it is "Our Story" -- meaning with her husband.

This is necessarily quick; I half-fainted yesterday (not at home, egad), so I'm grounded & cannot go a panel on Jerusalem as scheduled today. The iris because they're Ayelet's favorite (or used to be...OK, she just said, link away & didn't mention any disaffection with iris, so here we go.)
Mother's day flowers by the lovely George Brett, a local photographer.

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Tina Tarnoff said...

Ayelet' sbook is on my reading lis, absolutely. She caused quite a stir and controversy with that book, which I like. I amire her for being honest and open. It takes courage.

And I do hope you're all rigt, lovely, you have to go see a doctor! Do you have a problem with low blood pressure or something such? Please take care:))