Friday, June 12, 2009

Week's End - Crème de Menthe Trifle Gown

See what you might do about that, would you?*

*This directive was first issued to or near my person (it was that weird) one horridly hot, humid, no A/C in the house morning... from an excessively-self-regarding summer-sublet. (The other resident friend-housemates shot out the door for their offices/classes with a vigor intense even for DC. Cowards.) She actually did the little QEII wave of the hand (without irony--I would've given style points for that). She'd blown the fuses just one too many times (I kept a paper bag of them by the fusebox--that's how often).

There's a very funny story here (at my own expense, yes, of course, the funniest kind). It's way over 500-word limit & a messy tangle at that. I'll rework it off-line. The things a photograph will do. So see? It's working, sort of.

I love this photograph (& two uncropped versions) by Nick Bartoletti in Seattle. [Update: here's the direct link to his Clise Manion shoot set.] His photograph in the Jump! post (1 June 2009) is a new addition to the wall at my right. At the moment, I can't even manage a bunny hop; that's not his fault, though. This dress reminded me of The Clever Pup's Crème de Menthe Trifle recipe (her post here) that I'd planned to make for a party last night. Best laid plans...

The dress also reminds me of the gorgeous costumes in Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette & that little wave of the hand by The Fuse-Blower.

I have two major commitments this weekend--one quite demanding, the other outside. For hours. Taking people's guff (& niceness, too, to be fair) behind a table. And if it would just stop, please someone, stop the thunderstorms it would be most helpful. It's been a bad week for a lot of people here in DC. Yes, the museum shooting.

I'll try to be back for something worth reporting over the weekend. Perhaps over the phone...ciao

[Nick Bartoletti photograph used by permission/all rights reserved]


The Clever Pup said...

Brickie, I love the dress, but when I click on the photog's site all I get is 20-something partying and angst.

Thanks for the mention. Menthe-ion.

The Clever Pup said...

Never mind. Found it. But it didn't look promising.

Penney said...

What a gorgeous, delicious green! Is its pearl work? Beading? So beautiful..You can almost hear the crunching of the fabric...
Have a peaceful weekend..
xo, Penney

giulia said...

Sorry, Mme Pup. I'll put the link directly to the photo collection set. But yeah, partying's way more than that....but I'll link directly to Nick's set.

Penny--I don't know...I think Nick said that the dress was for a wedding & the model wore it to the shoot. It's sort of why I like people to go to the photographer's site...because they have the give & take with their readers/viewers. So I'll link to that particular one & people can read the comments.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Creme de Menthe is such an excellent description for this dress. I think it is one of the prettiest I've seen in a long time. Would love to wear it around the house. I think a life in dresses would be uplifting. That is something I actually did one summer and I enjoyed always feeling feminine and sophisticated; like living in another era.
Enjoy your weekend plans,

ps - my word verification is 'wories'. A good one for me!

Susan said...

Ha..laughing at the word verification. Yeah, that would work well for me, too. Pup & I frequently comment on ours...thanks for the good wishes. I write this after the weekend, & perhaps if I'd had this dress it would've gone much better. If not, I would've looked better.

Tina Tarnoff said...

What a wonderful dress and the color is unbelievable. The beading, the fabric - I want!