Monday, June 1, 2009


I've wanted to use this great photograph by generous Nick Bartoletti of Seattle for some time. Then, Lori of Automatism (in sidebar) used one from the same set (a beautiful dress...I'll wait a decent amount of time before I use those...Lori's post is on her front page). Today the Daily Photo blogs I enjoy are busy posting about their theme today: tootsies. Or if you prefer: feet, les pieds, i piedi. Don't feel like jumping at all today but I'd like to. Maybe this will do it.

Nick took this photo at Clise Mansion & tells me that it's in Redmond, WA. Must investigate. If you want to use any of Nick's shots, please write to him
. He's a lovely correspondent & I'm sure he'd like to make your acquaintance. If you have your own camera (lucky dogs!), it's still worth your while to pay him a visit. It's already June. How can this be? (Other than, you know, the regular passage of time...) Have a terrific day & Jump! Or even a small hop. What makes you jump? (photograph by Nick Bartoletti/all rights reserved)


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

This photo has an Alice in Wonderland feel to it. She looks as if she is suspended in the air. I am a jumper. I jump several times a day - every time my husband walks in the room. Honestly. I get so focused that I hear nothing and then jump out of my skin. This is usually followed by a laugh, so that is okay!
Thanks so much for your reply!

Beatriz Kim said...

Jumping is a very fun activity! It always brings a little happiness in my soul!

giulia said...

Thanks Catherine & Beatriz...I just tried a bunny hop & shook the entire building. OK, no, but it felt like it. So busy that I think I've missed some comments & forgot to 'ok' them. I'll be over to both your sites tomorrow. It's a crazy week....xo/svs