Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Expecting to Fly

By the talented & patient Marta Vallejos Pastor of Spain. She's busy running around like mad, like the rest of us, but took the time to answer two emails & was so nice about it. Mostly about other pix for another project But she sent the html for this as well, & it's perfect for today. Because I better fly & get stuff done (& yes, I 've been playing Neil Young, hence the title). Marta took this in les Tuileries in Paris & I love it. Nowadays, it would make me sick. But I love to watch it...been toooo long. I just noticed that Marta has an etsy shop, Pocket Memories. Here's the link. I'll have to visit thoroughly later in the week but it looks terrific. Work is getting done here, too, though never enough. But met two folks with writing possibilities. So. Not all in vain.


[tuilieries by marta v/used by permission]


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I've never been on one of these swings. Would much rather watch, especially considering how beautiful they are. Everyone on the East coast is talking about needing to get busy and also about the dreadful rains. Have a good week!

Tina Tarnoff said...

Even watching it makes my head spin and my knees wobble! My life often feels like I'm on one of those, scary, but also exciting. Love the photo!