Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shoot Your Sandwich

From the Saveur website: Everyone has a favorite sandwich, whether it’s a homemade Dagwood pulled together from leftovers, or a cult hoagie that waits at the end of an hour-long line. SAVEUR wants to know what you think is the best thing in sliced bread — find your best photo of your favorite sandwich, and upload it to our photo contest. One winner and six runners-up will be picked by the SAVEUR editors to be featured in the pages of our all-sandwiches April issue. (photographs from the contest. I kind of overdid it, but I'm hungry.)

The rules.

The prize - glory, bragging rights, & your sandwich.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

My wheels are spinning...and my stomach's growling. I have no idea what my favorite sandwich is. I'd better hurry up and decide - come NYears sandwiches won't be on my menu! Hi Susan.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Susan!!!

Well... I'm only allowed wholegrain seeded bread!! so something on that!! and no other carbs!! hahaha... You know though there is an upside to this insulin issue!! I've lost 15kgs!! and don't plan to find them again!!!

Sorry I've been so absent.. my usual internet issues... and I've missed so many of your lovely christmas posts!!! The shot in the last is simply wonderful!!! what a beautiful shop window.. Don't you wish we could see it in person!!

In case i can't get back in time.. Have a wonderful christmas.. much joy and happiness to you and Giulia.. and may 2011 be a better, happier, healthier year for us all!!!

ciao ciao xxx Julie

Becky said...

Yum! Counting down the minutes until lunch now...

Giulia said...

Catherine--how very oblique of you...giving up sandwiches? Hmmm.

Julie--oh no. Again? Still? Oof.

I think both of you (Catherine & Julie) should get some kind of sandwich together (the website is fun to look at anyway) & upload a pic. There's no hot link to anyone's name...most seem to have used a 'handle'. Just as long as the editors can find you after 15 Jan if they want to include your photo. What's not to like. And I didn't see a gluten-free anything yet--that would be a popular choice I bet.

Becky--I know, I know. When I saw the story, I realized I hadn't had a real lunch...not real dinner. But too tired to do anything about it. I hope by the time I type this, you've had a great sled time sledding in London. xo

simon said...

I do fancy a chicken, lettuce tomato and mayonnaise sandwich on the odd occasion... sadly the ones I make dont look much good but do taste great!

Giulia said...

Simon--on the odd occasion? I'm not picking at you. I am trying to suss out the reluctance of so many to declare their love of a sandwich--any sandwich. I'm thinking that Liz Lemon of 30 Rock might be wrong. I'll link to it later. It involves world peace.

And Becky--I don't think you were the one going sledding. I'll check. I do pay attention to what I read & comment...though it might seem so. xo

simon said...

oh no- i am completely an un-sandwich lover. I will only have one as a last resort! ( true!)