Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Early Christmas Gift

A lovely old friend from Strasbourg days sent me a teeny leetle Kodak camera, battery charger, & batteries (so thoughtful). He thought this might keep me from total madness until the real bigger deal comes along. A terrific photographer, he said, "I prefer film, always will...". I hear you, buddy. Already, I'm swearing up a storm. Many bisous, baci, & asstd xoxo to B & his kind wife Mary Lou in NY.

Julie the Cat is exceedingly annoyed because I keep moving her around to take a snap. Poor bunny. It's so cold & windy here that moving back into the bedroom (with The Dragon space heater) is necessary. On Netflix Instant (if you have it or the UK/Euro-zone equivalent) are, in no particular order:
Hannah & Her Sisters, Manhattan, About A Boy, 84 Charing Cross Road (highly recommend), Charade, The September Issue. Vanessa in Berlin recommended Metropolitan & I hope to watch it tonight.

Liberty London Girl (aka Sasha Wilkins) is here in town for the TEDWomen conference. Highly recommend checking in on her blog. It's a terrific mix of the fun, stylish, & serious. And the seriously stylish.

The sun is sinking & so is the temperature--inside. Sometime soon I hope to regain energy to post on what's happening here. (One thing is that
Patti Smith will be at the Portrait Gallery on Saturday--naturally, I have an ironclad commitment that afternoon. Bah.) (photograph via Rebecca Schley via Pinterest)


Vanessa said...

How nice to get a lovely gift and I'm pleased you're already putting it to good use. Julie is gorgeous and doesn't look too disgruntled in the photos. You remind me that I also want to shoot some film as well and should really get an analogue camera.

Love all the films on your list. Manhatton and Hannah and her sisters are two of my favourite Woody Allens (along with Annie Hall and Manhatton Murder Mystery among others) but I hadn't heard of 84 Charing Cross Road. I looked it up and it sounds wonderful, especially as I often buy books on that street. Charade is so charming and funny - I also have a thing for Cary Grant.

Fingers crossed that you and Julie stay warm and you find the courage to go out. I must admit to having been a coward this past week but have some plans for the coming weekend and hope to return to photography too.

simon said...

ah ha! you got a camera! thats great news! I was thinking about your plight (being cameraless), whilst taking snaps on Sunday..

Great shots! ( btw sorry about all the typos...)

Giulia said...

Hi guys. Well, it's something anyway. I have to get a memory card as it holds only 5 shots. I still look at every contest I can find to enter for the real thing...but this does help, absolutely. And it will keep helping w/the battery charger for camera like the ones I had (that are broken.)

Julie accepts any & all compliments. Vanessa--you should see all the ones that I had to toss:)


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
Sorry to hear you are chilly over your way.. I've been out of action a few days and missed some posts.. so your heat is not working??? It's finally become hot here and I'm not sure I will survive the summer with no aircon!! We both need a happy medium!!!

Giulia looks delightful.. What a sweet person your friend is to send you that camera... a lovely and timely gift.. Take care.. ciao xxx Julie

carina said...

84 Charing Cross Road - oh I love that movie. Have seen it so many times, but a long time ago. Must find it. Love Anne Bancroft.

secret, fragile skies said...

Great NF suggestions. I have not seen 84 Charing Cross Road! Love LLG, too - so thanks for that. And Giulia is precious and perfect warmth for cold nights.

Angie Muresan said...

Ah, it is crazy here as well! They were predicting heavy rains with the possibility of landslides, and it is terrifying. I live on a steep hill, and I dread the heavy rains.
Giulia looks adorable!