Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Byrne on Burton

I cannot explain how I ended up on the Irish Times website reading Gabriel Byrne's remembrance of Richard Burton/review of Furious Love. A visit to a few Irish newspaper sites & there is Byrne at every turn; he was appointed Ireland's cultural ambassador (to the States) earlier this year.

Studiously ignoring the baking of cookies, the cleaning of the apt. More fun to read things like "a flame of love never quenched...". I'm just's a quick & interesting read--especially the anecdote about a dinner in Vienna with Olivier, Burton, Gielgud, & Richardson.

(The photograph is from The Burtons tumblr. I saw it earlier this year but it seemed more of a winter thing. There's an amusing entry about the meeting of a bellhop & Burton, here.)


Katharine said...

I enjoyed that but I thought you were going to criticize the rather intense (to be kind) language.

Sad, though.

Giulia said...

No, not at all. He's Irish. It's not perpetuating a stereotype or relying on cliché to say so. He is Irish & there's nothing wrong with his writing. (Meanie!)

Quail said...

Richard Burton had the most amazing eyes and voice. Yum. But then...he smoked a lot...not so yum.