Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Do List

Faking it. Still a valuable skill for the modern girl.

Laughing, laughing. The guy next to me in the coffee shop is shrinking the other way. Read this short (very short) story in list form by Jennifer Egan on The Guardian's website. I didn't get to the other stories because now I'm making up captions for comics. The kind of stuff that will ensure gainful re-employment. (Maybe? Someday?)

Will be back tomorrow.

(illustration via Comically Vintage - which is hilarious. I spend far too much time there.)


carina said...

Love the last three lines of the story. Oh, I have found myself at many such parties:-)

Sorry to hear that you still have to go to the coffee house to use the internet.

simon said...

is that really what goes on in the minds of women? lol! I could write a guy list but not her.ahahaha ;o)

AB said...


Have had suspicions about you.

love the story

simon said...

but not "here" ( grumble my work keyboard is worn"

diane said...

brilliant! except she forgot to add something about burning her 'to do' list!

Giulia said...

Simon - lol I know what you meant:)

Diane - lol,too. Maybe the next story would be "From My Jail Cell" - ha!