Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bay of Noon

While I'm overwhelmed by...a lot..I'm mooning over photographs taken this year by a flickr contact, Liivia. Rome to Naples (& more but I'm focused on those presently). The top two are from Napoli, the third from Procida (an island in the Bay of Naples). If you have a love-hate relationship with Naples, welcome fellow maniac.

The Bay of Noon, by Shirley Hazzard is a wonderful book set in Naples. I urge everyone to read her, if they've not. Or to re-read her if it's been ages. I am indebted to a friend's mother who set me to reading Hazzard's books when I was a freshman in high school. Here's an interview with Hazzard in The Paris Review

(For the rest of the Italia 2011 set, see here.)


simon said...

I need to sit by the sea and look at sea birds. Anywhere would be good Watching Murdoch, his son, our prime minister and what is going on in the USA makes me need to cool off..grrrr

Nip said...

grover norquist. I knew a dog called grover ( or was that rover??) never could remember! BUt Simon tells me it sends you nuts?!


Giulia said...

Simon - me too. I wish I could say, "I'll meet you there" - but I don't know where I can go but the neighborhood corner.

Nip - First: WOOF!

I've wanted to do that ever since I started reading your magnificent posts. Second. The name Grover should be just fine. But this guy here in DC - who, yes, drives me nuts - tell Simon to join Twitter if he's gonna read my tweets:) - drives me nuts.




simon said...

I took nips advice and joined twitter! I have got a heap of friends who use it!lol Now, all I need is an I phone, I pad, I drive, I ball, and my connection to cyber space, (the matrix), is compelte! :o)

carina said...

I have also been without internet, but sort of voluntarily (sister's summer house), which is completely different. Hope everything gets sorted out soon. Lovely images. Rainy Copenhagen makes me dream even more about bella Italia.

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

hey there.

i adore that 2nd shot. technically speaking would be considered ad lighting, that's what i love about it, it captured a mood, which is more important.

will look into that book. thanks. :)

Giulia said...

Carina - yep, different animal altogether...hope you're having a lovely time at the summer place. Maybe we'll see photos?

Monica - ad lighting. I'll look that up. Thanks!

And the book is so evocative. Also all of the other Hazzard books & non-fiction too. I feel ten times smarter after reading her. (Doesn't last:)