Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tiny Fragile Animals

I could not resist these. When I saw the second photograph (& more on Nonesuch via swissmiss), I thought of a line in a Leonard Cohen poem: /because your eyelashes/are the spines of tiny fragile animals.

That's all. But hop over to the link & see the other lashes. Very cool. (Jean Shrimpton by Brian Duffy via We Heart Vintage. More here on a GG post last month)


simon said...

is having the spine of a tiny animal hanging off the end of an eyelid a good thing? Sounds like what a paleontologist would write.

I wonder if an archelologist would say:/ because your eyelashes/are pyramids in the sands of egypt.

Or an ornathologist:/ because your eyelashes/ are the wings of a stuffed eagle.

Or a Garbologist:/ because your eyelashes/ are the lids of tiny garbage bins....

Or a oncologist:/ Because your eylashes are the corpuscles of...

(geez I think I need to go back to bed!) :o)

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

they're so beautiful!
i would definitely have my eye out if i wore them, lol.

Giulia said...

Hey Simon. Glad to have sparked a literary creative rush in you. Ha.

Monica...they are cool & very beautiful. I was thinking for some sort of costume party, etc.


carina said...

Great to hear (GG) that you are currently reading about Oscar. Ellmann's book really is the best I think.

Giulia said...

Hi Carina...thanks for the comment. I love Ellmann...he's so great. I can't believe that I've owned it since it was published (in hard back) & haven't read all of it. Dunno how that happened but I am so enjoying it. And I have Stephen Fry as Wilde on DVD now...have seen but am enjoying it again. It's a Wilde Summer here:)



carina said...

Love Fry as Wilde. And I started reading Fry's The Fry Chronicles today. It's a small world:-)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
Well should I order up some of these today when I hit my pre trip appt for the works? hehe.. Sadly they probably be lost behind my glasses... ciao ciao xxx Julie