Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Certain labels draw me back over & again. Lori's label simple pleasures is a favorite. I'm not alone, judging by the comments. There is nothing simple about the rest of life. But boy are there plenty o' simpletons around. *Clears throat*

PS: If you're on Twitter, remember President Obama's first tweet-up at 2pm EDT. Hashtag #AskObama

(photograph by Susannah Conway)


Kate said...

Did you ask any questions yesterday? (On Twitter)

Susan said...

No,I didn't. By the time I remembered to register on the site, it was too late. And honestly, my questions were the same as millions of others. Twitter aggregated the most popular, etc. & so forth.

It was more interesting to see how it played out than anything else. Nothing earthshaking came out of it & I didn't expect that anyway. I was pissed that they took a ? from Nick Kristof (NYTimes columnist)...I love Nick but fer cryin' out loud, he can ask a ? of Obama anytime - directly. I wasn't the only one pissed off by that either. Nick tweeted it & said he understood.

In that context it was the same old thing.