Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shakespearean Insult Kit

Thou vain sheep-biting malt-worm!
Thou spleeny hell-hated puttock!

Thou dissembling rump-fed jolt-head!

Thou saucy ill-nurtured bum-bailey!

That will get you started. But then visit the
Shakespearean Insulter for more taunts & disgusted (& amusingly disgusting) descriptives.

I've been using it on Twitter (along with virtual cream pies). Because truly I need to blow steam. I am ready to burst
due to the insanity here in DC. (And really, elsewhere, it's not just here).

In a coffee shop. Yes, I'm still here.

(photograph probably by uncredited still photographer Bob Penn/The Taming of the Shrew)


carina said...

I often use Shakespeare insults as a way to get my students start Shakespeare. It's an eternal puzzle to me, but students always dread when we get to Shakespeare - but after this, they suddenly find him more interesting. You do what you have to do.

Giulia said...

Carina - I've had similar experience. Prob. because 1) it is funny; 2) we can all identify with insults & argument; 3)...lost my train of thought. lol But also that he (WS) is down-to-earth. We know that, of course, but those new to WS apparently do not.

I'm having a helluva good time w/this. I once wrote them out in longhand in high school...the insults. Or as many as I could find. Never thought, of course, that there'd be an internet.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Big xoxoxo back to ya. You had me in hysterics with this yesterday on twitter. Some laughter is definitely needed over this slimey situation. Enjoy your August, S. I'll be in touch.
C. xx

simon said...

I cannot help but think of the British comedy Black Adder when I read this! hahah!

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

nobody does insults like anyone from the pre-16thC. lol

ever watch Blackadder?

hope things look sunnier soon.

Giulia said...

Black Adder fans - yep, that would be me but oddly I didn't think of it when I put this together. I'm so scattered - literally. My stuff is all over the place from the apt. to this coffee shop. Anyway, I just put Black Adder into my Netflix Instant queue. I don't know if I dare try to watch it here (all that hooting I'd do) but I'll be house & cat sitting starting Friday at a friend's house. I'll definitely get a BA fix then.