Friday, July 22, 2011

Ice Cream

I'm having such an urge for ice cream (the good stuff) but I'm in a Starbucks & not giving up my side table away from the riff-raff. I ran this yesterday on Giulia Geranium; David Lebovitz makes such gorgeous ice cream & he does it here without a machine. I'm so going to do this when I house/cat sit next month. Although I think they do have a machine. Well, I'll set up a little comparison then. I've not made ice cream in donkeys years.

And now I really should go back to writing. Mimph.

(Fran├žoise Hardy & Sylvie Vartan are the ice cream girls)


simon said...

I bought 4 litres of icecream this week- good stuff and my son ate the lot, and he is a thin as a rake! ( casue he never stops moving) lol. Love icecream and a good ( not too sweet) pineapple juice

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

as soon as a teeny bit of warm weather hits, i'm craving the stuff.

Susan said...

Simon - wow. I want to move to your house.

Monica - I am resisting the urge & eating iced pineapple (also v. good) but may give in soon.