Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm posting this to move on from the Oxford Comma. Also to post a pic of Julie in her new polka-dot collar given to her by a friend. I think Julie looks very Kate Spade NYC. If you want a USA-made dog &/or cat collars leads, etc. this Upcountry label is very nice. It's carried in some pet stores, but you can order online. Thanks to Hermione's mama for such a great gift.

The straight-faced, breathless fashion press declarations over the polka-dot (or stripes or whatever classic) revival make me laugh. It's necessary, I suppose, for covering the shows. See how nice I'm being? We all know that the polka dot never goes away. I have the pattern everywhere, on every conceivable piece of clothing (yes, everything:)

Very busy here. The tragic culmination of a 20-year death penalty case looks like it will be tonight, unless there is an unexpected stay. I am gutted along with millions, yes millions, of people around the world.

(photographs via Nastygal)


Merisi said...

I read "straight-laced" and had a good chuckle.

Those dots are after me!

simon said...

This is the Davis case I read about a black man convicted of murder, and I read several witnesses recount their testimonies, wardens pleading for him etc? Sounds a bit bodgey to me.Its like that song bob dylan sings -Story of the hurricane.


Miss ash tuesday said...

Not sure how I feel about the polka dots as I'm more of a solids kind of gal...

As for the Davis case, I do wish our sustem employed ethical decision makers who consistently made choices we could back up. Unfortunately there's so much so wrong. The people can't always trust the legal system.

At the same time, people are quick to assume that the stories they hear from major media are accurate representations of truth.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Susan
Well I love those horse racing polka dots. not sure they'd look good on me.. but love them still.. the shots are great..

and Julie's little collar is so sweet... You know i visited the Kate Spade outlet store in Hong Kong and sorry to say out of all the outlet stores it was the only one where the merchandise was dirty.. which really put me off... too bad .. they had some nice wallets

Ok.. catch you later.. ciao xxx Julie