Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Defense of the Oxford Comma

The illustration above floated down my Twitter timeline last evening just before my (-.-)Zzz... *night* tweet.

I have let so much of a pedantic nature *go* - I really have. (I thank Stephen Fry for this. I downloaded the blessay from iTunes last summer. Stephen is funnier to listen to, IMHO). I try to refrain from teeth gnashing on matters of a grammatical nature; but when it comes to matters of clarity, peeps, this stuff is important.

From a comedy perspective, though, I am glad that many omit the Oxford comma.

Comedy, like success, has many fathers (& mothers) but I saw this via the grand Nina L. Diamond, journalist & writer extraordinaire. She is a one-woman news bureau with entertainment division on Twitter. (Here is her Facebook Fan page for more information.)

(illustration credit is not easy to pin down via tumblr via the fabulously-named Edith Wharton Wants Your Shoes)


simon said...

i,see,your,point,and get, it, l,o,l,

AB said...


Angie Muresan said...

This cracks me up. And, by the way, my grammar is horrible.

Susan said...

I'll let the other two giggle but Angie: I have a diff. time believing you. I read you. I don't remember misunderstanding you.

I like elegant grammar - ppl should not misunderstand me. But I know that once one begins to nitpick someone who is talking to them (in their mind, I hope!), one might not listen to the other person, look down on them, etc.

I really urge ppl to listen to Stephen Fry's podcast. He talks about "context." So he's not making an argument for letting things go all to hell.

And, again, he is hilarious.

simon said...

eye loik gammer too, caus it maks melook roooly inteligunt's

Miss ash tuesday said...

Ha!!! So those dudes we're strippers?! Hmmm.

Melissa Blake said...

I love this!! :) As a journalist, it's right up my alley!

Merisi said...


(Afraid to write more.)