Friday, September 2, 2011

Ballet Beautiful at Home

A quickie. I am slammed, exhausted, pooped. Julie the Cat is in her little house, listening to my iPod's French Pop playlist. I am not kidding. It makes her feel better. She also enjoys my Ocean & Rain playlist. I wish I could beam it out to's wonderfully relaxing.

On to exercise: I can vouch only for the Ballet Beautiful streaming video called Swan Arms. Ouch ouch ouch ouch.There are additional videos ($8.00) & finally some DVDs for sale. I've read about people who have the videos on their smartphones! Just thinking about doing ballet videos anywhere but in the privacy of my apartment behind a triple-bolted door makes me laugh. Out loud. I assume these people aren't doing butt blasts in the park.

Of course, if you have some money to spare & are in NYC, take a class. And then tell the rest of us about it. I follow Mary Helen Bowers (the founder) on Twitter & she's quite nice.

I hope for a semblance of bloggy normalcy soon. Whatever that means. Cheers!

(photograph by Mads Teglers - from his lovely Josephine portfolio)


Diane said...

... I'm thinking there will be an Indian summer, perfect weather for being outside...!

(continuing our conversation)

ballet training is tortuous, and so many little girls feel discarded so early in life. I haven't enjoyed a ballet in a long time; when I see the dancers on stage it is almost like looking at veal in a pen. (sorry! but all that grace seems to come with such a high price of human suffering) ah well.

Giulia said...

I know what you mean but there are ways to incorporate it w/out the human suffering. (Except for my arms:)

Emily Vanessa said...

I've always dreamed of doing ballet, in spite of people reminding me about Zelda Fitzgerald. As an adult, you simply have to lower your expectations and focus on what you can gain from it like great posture and more flexbility. Once or twice I've considered investing in the New York City ballet workout videos and can imagine ballet arm exercises must be tough. For the moment I'm sticking to step though and am steadily making progress.

xoxo, dania said...

love ballet!

simon said...

LOLOLOLOL!! triple bolted door! yes I have been caught sometimes dancing whilst cooking..( can I confess there here???)

Giulia said...

Simon - I have my hands on my hips as I say this: But you WERE a ballet dancer: for REAL. Why should you ever be embarrassed?!

Confess away:)

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Uh oh...a reminder to get moving. Actually I'm obsessed with that reminder. Get that much needed rest this weekend...and then maybe a few pirouttes.
Catherine xx

my word verification is mulases - I read it as mule asses.

simon said...

um... because when you dance to great music of the 60's whilst aint ballet...... :o)

Angie Muresan said...

No amount of ballet will ever make me graceful.