Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Travel Galleries

If I don't leave this coffee shop now, I'm going to have a public anxiety attack. It's nuts here today. Also, I haven't slept well & Julie (the Cat) & I are leaving to house/cat sit tomorrow. It's going to be like a vacation - I am so ready to be somewhere else even if it's in the DC-area.

I read many interesting things today & saw wonderful photographs. However, balky bandwidth & several inexplicably crashed sites are making it more-than-difficult to construct anything worth posting. I think I better get home to pack & decompress.

Summer Travel Galleries refers to a search on LIFE. If you aren't interested in Vladimir Putin's Manliest Moments, you might find Speedos: Gift or Curse? a hoot. (Three guess what I say about them. Oh gawd. I had a boyfriend not too long ago who insisted on wearing one. He's neither European nor an Olympic swimmer. These are the two categories I will accept--grudgingly--in Speedo sporters.)
There are many more summer photo galleries for your viewing pleasure. Have fun.

I'll check in on Friday night (US East Coast time) if all goes well. And I'll respond to email, comments, & blog postings ASAP. I'll be in a better mood, too. I promise.

(photograph is from LIFE but I've wasted nearly an hour trying to find the credit. Phooey.)


Kate said...

I went to the two galleries you linked to - hilarious (unintentionally, I guess). A trip to Life is always fun. Thanks for the reminder.


simon said...

i wish I was trippin' man......(ahaha!)