Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogger Ten Commandments

Perhaps this should be about the Biblical Ten commandments. After all, we had an earthquake yesterday. Those of you who are used to tremors & earthquakes: enough with your alternate giggling & hands-on-hips annoyance at the attention it has received. It felt stronger than a 5.8 in other areas. Something about the geological formations here in the eastern U.S.

Also, those of us in the New York & Washington, DC areas are on edge because of the tenth 9/11 anniversary. Shaking buildings = terrorist activity. We were relieved that there was an earthquake, actually. I have a funny story to relate at another time. Briefly: I was outside with a friend in a high-activity urban area & made up reasons why the earth was shaking that had nothing to do with an earthquake. My imagination is intact, if not in evidence on the blogs lately.

Anyway, locusts are here, the heat wave is in a break but it's been horrible. The first real threatening hurricane to the east is on the way (Hi there, Irene). Boils must be next.

The internet crisis, along with my health problems, continues. Julie the Cat's near-death two weeks ago (while I was house-sitting in northern Virginia) was so upsetting I can barely relate it. It is her asthma again. We spent most of the day at the emergency vet, after a taxi ride from N.Va to DC (yikes) & back. Lots of meds & she's still on them. She feels better, finally, after quite a long time of not knowing if the medicine was effective. The chronic nature of the illness is really worrying, though.

To the post title: here is an excellent summation of most of what I feel lately (& always) about blogs. I have some items to contribute but that will have to wait for now. Mrs. Monologues is hilarious. I haven't been able to keep up but I think I'll follow her on the ol' tweeter.

Big thanks to Australian bloggers Simon & Julie for their continued support in more ways than I can catalogue here. xo

Finally, I am able to tweet most days from a coffee shop. So join me if you like. I'd love it.

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A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Dear S -
I'm so glad to hear that GG is feeling better...I had no idea how sick the little thing was. Was thinking of you yesterday and saw your tweet that you were okay. My family felt it in NJ & NYC, too. I hope autumn will bring some relief from all this internet biz. Take care.

Carole said...

Funny commandments. Sorry to hear about Julie!
Hope Irene is a soft landing for your guys too.


simon said...

eeeek. no music on blogs? I shall remove my last post! lol!

Giulia said...

Simon - No, no. It's about music already playing when one visits a site. Not about clicking 'play' - I love those posts by others. I startle when suddenly music is playing over my radio or other music I am playing. It's jarring.

carina said...

Sorry to hear about what you have been going through. Hope everything will be better from now on.

Diane said...

yes, can't help but make biblical connections when so many natural disasters strike in sequence.

Sorry to hear about GG - didn't know she had been so sick. My kitty is moving a bit slow these days, can see an imminent decline. She's been around 15 years so you can't help but get deeply attached.

Here's to a better weekend ahead.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you and GG are not feeling well. For me September is always a time of new beginnings (fall, school), hopefully it will be a healthy one for you!
The commandments were great, TFS!

Giulia said...

Diane - Julie is my little baby, no doubt about it.

Maureen - I feel the same about September. Looking forward to it, tho' not my Sept. bday. But I'll try to be more in "think of the alternative" :)